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Pampasgras "Conscious" | ca. 40 cm | 3 pcs | naturfarben Pampasgras Drealla
Pampasgras "Conscious" | ca. 40 cm | 3 pcs | naturfarben Pampasgras Drealla

Pampas grass "Conscious" | 10 pcs | natural color

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Big news dear ones! From now on we have pampas grass from OWN GROWTH! ♡ We are super happy to be able to offer you this fantastically beautiful variety from our own home. As some may know, my husband and I live on a farm. You will always recognize our own dried flowers by the "Home Made" logo in the future.

Pampasgrass is and will remain simple and absolutely trendy. It is sustainable because, unlike cut flowers, it lasts up to 3 years, and an interior must-have for your apartment. This variety is particularly suitable for smaller vases.

All fronds have been carefully prepared so that they last forever. Pro tip: Spray the fronds with a little hairspray to keep them from linting. So they last even longer.


  • Color: natural
  • Natural product (color and shape may differ from picture depending on the plant)
  • A bunch consists of 10 fronds
  • Length approx. 60 cm
  • Flower approx. 30-40 cm